Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The first post

This is something new. My first post on my first ever blog. I decided to create this blog to record some of my adventures (mostly underwater but of course not limited to this area) as it has become my new found passion. My previous encounters with marine animals were basically found on the end of a fishing line but instead of removing them from their natural environment, I thought I'd approach it from a different angle and join them in their natural habitat. This whole new experience is/was a real eye opener and I hope to record my adventures as they come.

The first picture posted above of a red morwong (taken at Fairlight Beach) is one of the my favourite pics so far. I am not too sure why but it must've been how it just rested so peacefully without even a care for the rest of the underwater world.

By the way, these underwater pictures are taken with the Canon D10 and it has been fantastic so far. I am by no means a professional underwater photographer, but it has served its purpose. Of course this is relative to what your purpose is, but mine is to just keep images of my underwater adventures. Maybe this will change later in time. I also wanted to clarify that my underwater adventures are all done through snorkeling. I hope to mix this up with some scuba in the near distant future.

I also hope to post up some of my snorkeling trips in the next few days. These sites include:

- Chowder Bay
- Clovelly
- Fairlight Beach

Anyhow, I look forward to the next post.

Signing off



  1. Hi Chad,

    Thanks for your interest in my blog.

    But more importantly, CONGRATULATIONS on putting up your first post on your first blog!

    I love your fantastic photo of the red morwong. And the sea urchins in the background too. I remember when I was snorkelling off Fairlight Beach, there were heaps of sea urchins everywhere.

    I am looking forward to reading your underwater adventures at Chowder Bay and Clovelly too. These are two spots that I missed because of choppy conditions and rain forecast.


  2. Thanks Chai for visiting! You are the first to visit and also my first follower :)

    It was after reading your blog that I decided to visit the Manly area for a snorkel. Will definitely look to post up my trips to Chowder Bay and Clovelly soon.