Sunday, September 26, 2010

The right direction?

As you already know, I have been meaning to find a freediving club in Hong Kong to commence my freediving adventures. Been researching and reading up on freediving tips from several blogs and websites and all of them have suggested reading the 'Manual of Freediving' by Umberto Pelizzar and Stefano Tovaglieri as it basically encompasses what every freediver should know. I know that I should maybe stop reading books and websites and actually put my desires to action thus the topic question, is this really the right way to go about what I want to do? Well realistically, my committments have me tied up so at this stage, I can only live vicariously through others to learn more about freediving.

Anyway, the cover of the book is below and I will have to wait for a few weeks for this book to arrive from the states. I could buy it locally at an inflated price and also with a week or two waiting period but since I thought I was not in any rush, I chose the economic option.

Once I have read it, I will give my review and get started with my freediving lessons!


World record by New Zealander

An impressive feat by a New Zealander, Dave Mullins achieving 265m in the dynamic with fins category. Previous record was held by by Frenchmen Fred Sessa with 255m at the 7th AIDA Team World Championship held at Okinawa Japan. A clip of the world record session is below for your viewing.