Friday, January 29, 2010

Clovelly Discovery 24th Dec 2009

Clovelly was my next snorkeling destination as I have read countless recommendations of this place so I decided to give it a go on Dec 24th (took a day off work). 

East side of the Bay (taken from the south side)

I also knew that parking would be horrendous due to its popularity but luckily for me, I managed to find one within moments of arriving. The first word that came to my head at the glimpse of the bay was 'artificial' due to the concrete slabs surrounding the perimeter. However, it made me feel somewhat more secure knowing that this area was purposely constructed for people (families, etc). 

West side of the bay (take from the south side)

I noticed that there are about 2-3 entry points (steps) from either side of the bay. Entry to the water can also be done by the rocks on the north side without any problem but just need to be wary of the slippery surface. Although entry would have been wiser from the beach as we did not know what to expect, we decided to enter the water by the steps from the north side.

Upon entering the water, the first thing I noticed was the blue groper that approached us. Maybe it was being at the right place at the right time, but I was trigger happy and took numerous pictures of this 'labrador' of the sea. I have read that this blue groper was nicknamed 'bluey' or 'bluey 2' as the first one was apparently speared. That is probably why I saw multiple signs stating spear fishing is prohibited. Here are some pictures of the blue groper:

Blue Groper (Lab of the Sea)
Blue Groper (Lab of the Sea)
I was lucky for it to come close enough for me to give it a gentle pat. I could have sworn it smiled at me. What I was confused about was that I thought blue gropers are largely territorial where usually one blue groper would inhabit a certain territory, but I saw multiple blue gropers around the same size swimming along happily with each other. Maybe because they are not the dominant male?

Some other pictures I took at Clovelly are:

Fish (name?) taking an interest in this sea shell

  Blackspot Goatfish conducting synchronised swimming

I have yet to learn the names of the fish species so that I can identify them. I can probably name all the fish species that are most commonly caught (fished) in the Sydney region but it is the other species that are uncommon to fisherman that I need to learn. I am positive this will gradually improve with frequent dives.

The overall snorkel at Clovelly was great as it was my first encounter with these blue gropers. To others, Clovelly may be considered a standard dive but I believe through trained eyes, I am sure there is an adbundance of sea life in this area to appreciate. Through my untrained eyes, I am most certain I missed aplenty on this trip. I will undoubtedly return and hope to encounter what I have missed the first time round. 

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  1. Your posts and your photos just get better and better, Chad! Congrats!

    Love your blue groper photos, especially the first one. Great shot.

    I think the fish in the last photo is the blackspot goatfish.


  2. Love the pics... have you thought about doing a scuba diving course??

  3. Hey Anton,

    Definitely thought about doing a scuba diving course. There's the weekend option combined with the e-learning I am thinking about. There's just so many places that offer it. Do you have any recommendations?