Sunday, May 8, 2011

The other perspective

Raving about my love of the underwater adventures to one of my colleagues, he asked me if I preferred snorkeling or scuba diving. This was rather an embarassing question as I have only really snorkelled and never scuba dived. I was someone who was confessing my love of the water and yet I have not tried to enjoy it in another perspective! I think one of the reasons why I never pursued the scuba license is because of the 'fuss' you undergo when scuba diving unlike snorkeling where it's just slip on the fins, mask, and snorkel and away you go.

To truly appreciate what I love, I am now determined to get my open water diver's license through PADI this year either in Hong Kong or somewhere like Okinawa (hopefully). This way, I can enjoy the underwater world from another perspective. Who knows, I might not like scuba at all and remain an avid snorkeler. I suppose I will never know until I try it out..

I am now trying to find a local scuba school.. and also looking at investing in underwater photography equipment. I really need to start saving..

If anyone reading this have any suggestions on where I can locate a good scuba diving school, please let me know!


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