Sunday, August 29, 2010

Extreme Freediving

Been a while since the last post. I presumed that by now, I would have at least snorkeled this part of the world (HK). How wrong could I have been. There are so many surrounding islands to visit and are screaming to be explored by me. Well, I suppose its about getting off my arse and reinvesting in snorkel gear. However, I do have dilemma's on what to purchase as I want to start scuba diving. So should I make the smart choice by investing in gear that can be used for both? The fins that I have looked at so far are the Mares Quattro Avante which has been around for yonks but I believe they have been the preferred choice for many scuba/snorkeling fanatics. I'll see where the road takes me.

Lately I have been watching and reading up on freediving and it has also grabbed my interest. Here is an amazing video of Guillaume Nery (freediver) completing an awesome single breath dive at Dean's Blue Hole.

I didn't think people could actually hold their breath for that long but it is all mind over matter. After reading some breathing techniques, training, etc for freediving, I managed to reach 3 minutes 43 seconds (dry apnea) for the first few attempts so this is my PB. My aim is to reach 5 minutes or more and hopefully be useful for my snorkeling dives. Been visiting the swimming pool at Kowloon park and have been practising a little too but there are just too many people!

I also looked into freediving courses/clubs in Hong Kong but have failed to find any. Might to have to look harder! Anyway, hope you enjoy the clip as much as I did and maybe given you more motivation to keep up these wonderful water sports! 

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