Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beauty at Menjangan - Part II

I couldn't resist to put more pictures of my unforgettable snorkeling experience at Menjangan Island. This time, I can describe my experiences by showing you a map of Menjangan Island.

Our first dive was at Pos 2 which was the from the beach. This was where our boat was moored and also had our authentic Indonesian/Balinese lunch. Our second dive was from Cave Point where I felt was a better dive spot than the first. Due to the strong tides and the unpredictability of the weather (cloudy with forecast of storm), our guide played it safe and chose these safer and covered options.

I was informed that the Anchor Wreck is also an enjoyable snorkel (I cannot imagine how much better!) but we would have to save it for next time.


Below are pictures of myself, my partner, and our tour guide. I couldn't resist putting more pics of our snorkeling session and have posted a few more for your viewing.

Me: Need a weight belt!

My partner in crime :)

Snorkel guide: underwater photography fanatic


Wedged in between coral

The picture below was taken by my partner. Boy does she have a keen attention to detail to find a heart-shaped coral amongst an entire civilisation of life. The flash has increased the colour intensity (brightness) of the coral to give it its contrast amongst others. 

Could be a nice spot to put a ring?

Amazing colours

Amazing aquatic life

Lot's of yellow

Since I enjoy underwater photography and keeping records of my snorkeling experiences, I am beginning to think if I should invest in a better camera with the proper underwater housing. I acknowledge it is an expensive investment but is it worth it? I will need to ponder on this.. 

Until then..


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