Saturday, February 20, 2010

Random pictures

It has been some time since my last my post and this is mainly due to my lack of underwater snorkeling adventures. The weather has been less than mediocre and when there's hope of improvement, it's only clear on weekdays and turns for the worst over the weekend. I know that tomorrow will be a beautiful day for a snorkel in Sydney with the weather to hit 34C, but I have prior committments which prohibits me from going anywhere. Maybe next time..

Instead I will post some pictures from past trips and reminisce about the good ol' times :P Most of the pics are of the friendly blue groper at Clovelly. Enjoy!


Blue Groper generous enough to share its sea urchin

*Pat* *Pat*

It's getting close to the end of summer with not much time left for a good snorkel. Better get out there soon! 

Signing off


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