Sunday, April 11, 2010

Underwater Sydney

Just recently, I was advised by a friend that a new professional website has been established to offer useful information on Sydney's marine life as well as providing beautiful photo's of their adventures. The website is called "Underwater Sydney" and  for those that are interested, their website is This site also has RSS feeds and an email subscription option for those who prefer information sent to them.

I personally thought this was an exciting addition to the limited resources of the underwater world of Sydney. Although the main reason for this website is to educate sydneysiders of the great intrinsic value of our local harbour, it most certainly offers much more for the scuba divers and the snorkelers. With limited useful guides/information apart from Chai's website, Sydney Nature, and a few more, I just hope that this website exceeds my expectations and continues to be a valuable source of information.

The underwater imagery and photos on this website are spectacular.. my god they out of this world! It's so humbling that my attempts to capture the underwater world (or lack thereof) feels inferior. BUT.. it is all a learning experience and of course I love doing it. I certainly look forward to the photo's to come.

As you may noticed, I have not updated my blog for some time. The water in Sydney is getting cooler and it is hibernation time for most scuba divers and snorkellers. Another season is over and for those that are lucky to be located in the warmer areas.. happy snorkeling! I hope to travel around South East Asia soon and maybe I will get the chance to catch up on some snorkeling. 

Until then..